Saturday, September 23, 2006

Adult Links Juoppo Jarmo

"What a pity, girl… You really look nice, why did you get into this… Well, anyhow: Do you drink the booze now, or do you want that we call the doctors?"

"Now? You just got out of the hospital!"

I look back down on you.

He considered this for several minutes, tugging on his lip ring as he pondered. "I'll be honest, Madison, the thought of sharing you with Joel doesn't...bother me. But Joel AND Benji? And fucking Tony? Tony, of all fucking people. No. It's too much for me. I can't handle it."

Quickly Aphrodite clicked on the diagnostics icon to see what could have gone wrong. Glancing at the control screen, she saw it going crazy with wild hieroglyphics. If this was another trick by one of her Egyptian colleagues ...!

"If you really need to know, we broke up."


As if he was reading her mind Master answered Angel's thoughts, "Remember it is a joint decision. You must want to be my slave just as much, or more, than I want you."

"Please Robbie... please... you are driving me wild." Gasping and moaning Zara struggles to speak. "I... I have never done anything like this before... oh god..." Moaning deep in her throat she arches up as his fingers roll and pinch her taunt nipples.

Barbie slammed shut her book. 'For pity's sake' she exhaled moving down the bed slightly. She was in complete control, and she knew it.


"Do you enjoy forcing your older sister to expose herself and do naughty things, Tom?"

"So, how is the new house?" Britney asked. I smiled thinking back to the rush of moving only a few months before, right around Thanksgiving. Trey and Britney were the first people we met when we moved from Ohio, and have helped us get accustom to our new surroundings. Jake and Trey became fast friends because of the closeness in age, but Britney and I hadn't really clicked, although we were nice when we did get together.

“Relax OK? Just enjoy it.” And with that took off her skirt.

“Julie you look beautiful I’m glad I told Betty to have you to wear the same outfit, it’s so easy to get off you!” He smiles and kisses her again and caresses her breast.

"Mark's out back by the pool Lisa," Sara said. "He's naked and waiting for you with a hardon he needs you to do something with. I need to do something with this guy who for some reason still has his fucking clothes on."

I leaned up on one elbow across her lap and was shocked again when I noticed that she undid the belt tie across her waist and watched her pull her robe nearly completely open from mid thigh on up. Both of her breasts were now exposed as was a dark triangle that diappeared between her shapely thighs.

Jean was in no shape to resist. She looked at her husband, and to her relief, Bill nodded in agreement.

I stopped for a moment, looking up at you, frowning at the sight of the sweatshirt. "Take it off please love, I would like to see you." Smiling you did as I asked, and I sighed deeply at the sight of you as I sat back on my heels, my eyes roaming over you, taking in the hair, the twinkling eyes, and pouting softly at your poor swollen jaw. I wanted to kiss you so much, but I would not, I didn't want to hurt you. This was going to be a test of my control. My eyes roamed from your face, over your elegant shoulders, down soft clinging arms which framed your wonderful inviting breasts barely encased in that teasing satin bra; then on down past your ribs, over gently swelling hips, and then to my treasure, that wonderful prize, hidden in sexy satin panties; and finally your soft teasing hands resting lightly on my shoulders, as you watched me absorb the picture before me.

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